June 14th, 2009

[jb] Joe Smiles

Sorry this took so long....

OMG it's been 3 weeks since I updated...oops. I have a good reason though, I had exams the past few weeks so I was revising loads. Also The Sims 3 came out last week so I've been addicted to that as well so there hasn't been much time for graphics. Now with this batch I must say I love most of the wallpapers, I went on a bit of a wallpaper making spree so there's quite a few in this batch.

*If you take any, please credit
*Do not alter or change any of them
*Comments are love
* No hotlinking

Demi Lovato [01-05]
Selena Gomez [06-10]
Jonas Brothers [11-30]

Jonas Brothers [3]

Demi Lovato [1]
Selena Gomez [2]
Jonas Brothers [2]
Disney Stars [1]


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